image of SAIC employee in front of paper medical records.

Health IT

Connecting data to deliver actionable information for better healthcare.

Critical Health Information — Fast

From electronic health record implementation and optimization to developing health information interoperability capabilities, Leidos designs, builds, and operates large-scale clinical information systems for federal and commercial customers that deliver health data where and when it is needed.

Our experts develop, modernize, and support information platforms to help our healthcare customers derive value from the increasing availability of electronic health data. Through the application of open-source technologies and industry-accepted standards, we devise innovative solutions to support the secure exchange of interoperable health data across national, regional and local networks. We leverage our experience supporting the development of the secure exchange of clinical data between federal and commercial healthcare organizations.

Whether we are creating enterprise architectures that optimize the capabilities of information technology, fostering interoperability and information sharing through the implementation of standards, or helping to maintain the security and privacy of health information, Leidos applies its domain and technical expertise to find innovative solutions for our customer's complex information technology requirements.

Health Information Technology Services
Service Benefit
Electronic health records / Systems integration
  • Improves health delivery and reduces medical errors
  • Fosters health and scientific collaboration
  • Reduces operational and administrative costs
  • Helps improve systems availability, responsiveness and performance
  • Provides access to advanced technologies
  • Cost-effective, agile implementations
  • Helps reduce operational and administrative costs
  • Helps improve operational and systems availability, responsiveness and performance
Software lifecycle management
  • Advances the development of interoperable information systems
  • Assures system availability and the successful exchange of data
Health analytics
  • Advances the development of interoperable information systems
  • Create an environment that allows for rich analytics that enable comparative and predictive management of key functions
Health data management
  • Assures timely access to data
  • Helps reduce medical errors, fosters collaboration
  • Helps assure information privacy and secure access to data
Health Information Security
  • Helps assure the privacy and security of patient health information
  • Complies with federal security guidelines and laws
  • Manages complex security environments cost-effectively
  • Experienced C&A teams with a proven track record of success